4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hot Tub

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Many homeowners want to enjoy all the benefits of hot tub ownership but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing one. Prospective owners must consider budget, placement, brand, and style to find the ideal selection.

  • Before you head to your nearest hot tub sales site, use these tips to narrow your search:Start with your budget. The cost of the hot tub is not the only price you’ll pay to become a proud hot tub owner – particularly if you want your hot tub to last. You will need to invest in chemicals, a pad or flat concrete surface, installation services, and any accessories that don’t come with the hot tub (e.g., covers, cover lifts, and stairs). Take the cost of all these items into consideration.

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  • Consider popular options. Modern hot tubs are not glorified bathtubs. They are relaxing spas that feature dozens of jets, waterfalls, LED lighting, built-in pillows, music playing capabilities, drink platforms, and more. They can accommodate anywhere from two to eight or more people and feature a range of colors.

Think about how you plan to use your tub. Some owners use their spas primarily for hydrotherapy and prefer tubs with reclined seats and numerous jets. Others prefer to use their spas for social gatherings and everyday relaxation. These users often need upright seating with built-in trays for food and beverages.

  • Choose your material. Hot tub shells may feature acrylic, vinyl, and other materials. Most spas use acrylic shells, but you may come across brands that use thermoplastics or wood. Different materials may affect the price and performance of your tub.


  • Compare brands. Some brands are known for their bells and whistles while others provide solid economy-level products. Compare user reviews and try to compare several brands in person to find the tub that best fits your needs.

As you explore the options that will make your hot tub purchasing experience a great one, consider your space. You cannot easily move a fully installed spa, so choose a location you know you will enjoy for years to come.

With these tips, you’ll find a spa that suits your needs in no time. Stop by our showroom for more information on high-quality cost-effective hot tubs in the tristate area.




6 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

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New hot tub owners need the right spa accessories to get the most out of their investments. If you’re the proud owner of a relaxing, world-class hot tub, keep this list of must-have accessories in mind:

  1. A cover and lift. Protect the integrity of your hot tub with a form-fitting cover that will keep water/chemicals in and contaminants out. Many covers are heavy-duty protectors, so you may also want to invest in a cover lift to make opening and closing your spa a breeze.
  2. Spa steps. Make entering and exiting the hot tub simple with a spa ladder or spa steps. Well-designed steps should feature a nonslip surface to keep users safe as they move into and out of the tub.
  3. A spa rail. Add a spa rail alongside your steps to improve safety around the pool. Surfaces can become slick as users move into and out of the tub. A rail offers peace of mind for owners and can help users of all ages.
  4. Appropriate chemicals. Follow all manufacturer recommendations to maintain the appropriate chemical balance. Purchase the chemicals along with your pool to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for all users.
  5. Chemical storage. Spa chemicals pose little threat to human health when used as directed but are toxic in large doses. You wouldn’t want a small child or a pet to come into direct contact with these undiluted substances. Consider spa steps with built-in storage or a locked container near the tub to safely store chemicals
  6. A protective spa pad. Hot tubs need to rest on level, solid surfaces. Wherever you plan to install your tub, invest in a spa pad to eliminate the need for additional installation work. Modular spa pads are easy to install and will protect the hot tub and underlying surface from damage.

This list of must-have accessories covers the basics of spa ownership. In addition to these essentials, many spa owners invest in experience-enhancing accessories such as shade-providing umbrellas, aromatherapy crystals, and drink/food holders. The right assortment of accessories will keep a spa in top shape and deliver an exceptional user experience year after year. For more information about must-have items, explore our spa accessories.